Purlins Supplier in NSW

Cardiff Metal Market are your local Newcastle Purlins supplier.

We can manufacture a range of structural C Purlins for your next project.

Fantastic and Highly Reliable Purlins from Cardiff NSW

Purlins are quite literally what keeps a roof over your head. As such, their ability to ensure the structural safety and longevity of any building is of
paramount importance. Fortunately for you, the Cardiff Metal Market team are specialists in providing ideal steel purlins for your next project. We’re based in Cardiff, New South Wales and have got roof purlins and purlin brackets of the highest standard that are ideal for a wide range of situations. You can trust in our more than 25 years of experience delivering high quality purlins for our valued customers. Our highly skilled team will work with you to find the ideal purlin for your job and manufacture it quickly and efficiently. When you’re ready to get started, get in touch with our team with any questions that you have, or if you’re looking to get a quote on any selection of our wide range of products!

Why are Roof Purlins Important?

A roof purlin is a horizontal structural member that helps to support the roof covering, whether that be tiles, roofing sheets or something else. They do this by distributing the weight of the roof coverings more evenly. It’s vitally important that they are made of a good quality material and installed by someone skilled and knowledgeable. Given that they are a structurally integral part of the building, they ensure the safety of the occupants and the longevity of the building at large.

The Benefits of Steel Purlins

Steel purlins are by far your best choice when choosing materials. Steel is incredibly durable, non-combustible, lightweight and can retain its efficacy for a very long time. They also expand and contract to an acceptable degree when confronted with extreme temperature changes.

Our Range of Roof Purlins and Purlin Brackets

Our exceptional team can provide you with a number of potential selections for roof purlins and purlin brackets, including C purlin and Z purlin options. They all come in a variety of different lengths, so you’re sure to find the one that you need!

  • Purlin Type: C100, 1.5bmt (base metal thickness) thick, 6.1m long.
  • Purlin Type: C100, 1.5bmt, 7.5m long
  • Purlin Type: C100, 1.5bmt, 8.6m long
  • Purlin Type: C150, 1.5bmt, 6.1m long
  • Purlin Type: C150, 1.5bmt, 7.5m long
  • Purlin Type: C150, 1.5bmt, 8.6m long
  • Purlin Type: C200, 1.5bmt, 6.1m long
  • Purlin Type: C200, 1.5bmt, 7.5m long
  • Purlin Type: C200, 1.5bmt, 8.6m long

We also have new C250 and C300 models, as well as Z Purlins available for order only. If you’re after some purlin brackets, we’ve got those too. We can provide you with C100, C150 and C200 bracket options. We offer more than fair pricing options on all of our Z and C Purlin options, so get in touch with our team if you’d like to request a quote.

Get in contact with us on 02 4913 5758 if you’ve got any queries that need answering regarding our roof purlins, or if you’re looking for a quote on any of the products that we can provide you!

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