RHS, SHS and Pipes in NSW

We have an extensive range of steel pipes & RHS products.

Best Building Pipes: Range of RHS, SHS and Pipes in NSW

When it comes to metal tubes and fittings, Cardiff Metal Market gets the job done. We have a wide range of RHS, SHS and pipes in many different sizes, with something for every construction and home improvement project. We pride ourselves on being Newcastle’s top provider of structural steel tubes and building pipes, backed by affordable prices and convenient delivery services. Discover our comprehensive product range and see for yourself why we are the local leader in steel pipe supplies.

Unveiling the Diversity of SHS (Square Hollow Sections)

Cardiff Metal Market’s selection of SHS-Galvanised metal tubes is part of our diverse collection of building pipes available in standard sizes and custom orders. Square hollow sections offer impressive versatility, catering to various architectural and engineering needs such as welded steel frames, support beams and columns. SHS contributes to both aesthetics and structural stability, making it an ideal choice for innovative construction designs.

Delving into the World of RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections)

RHS-Galvanised structural steel tubes play a pivotal role in construction projects and everyday applications, with the flat surface perfect for welding and joining. We supply both standard sizes and specialised configurations of these building essentials to ensure structural integrity while allowing for creative design possibilities in residential and commercial construction. Minimal preparation is required thanks to the rectangular shape, so other flat surfaces just need to be straight-cut for joining. If you need metal tubes for furniture, frames and other load-bearing uses, we recommend RHS steel products.

Navigating Through Premium Quality Pipes

Cardiff Metal Market is known for high-quality, heavy-duty metal tubes, ranging from standard pipes to those tailored for specific applications. Across our comprehensive range, you can expect durability, corrosion resistance, and versatility as these pipes suit diverse industrial and construction purposes. This extensive range of steel pipes and RHIS products includes:

Affordable Excellence and Seamless Delivery

At Cardiff Metal Market, we are committed to offering premium quality at affordable prices. We roll many products on-site and employ six dedicated and hardworking employees to deliver great products to our valued clients. We ensure you receive orders promptly and conveniently with seamless delivery options available in Newcastle, Cardiff, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, South Lakes, West Lakes, Maitland, Raymond Terrace, Nelson Bay, Morisset, Singleton, Muswellbrook, Scone, Cessnock and Central Coast areas. Simply order RHS, SHS and pipes from our store or explore our full range of building essentials to experience the CMM difference.

Choose Cardiff Metal Market for Metal Tubes and Fittings in Newcastle

Ready to order RHS, SHS, and steel pipes in Newcastle? Cardiff Metal Market is your go-to destination for top-notch metal tubes and fittings. We stand by our premium quality and affordability, with convenient delivery options making it easy to stock up on structural steel tubes for construction and home improvement needs. Head to our Cardiff location or contact us for more info.