Cardiff Metal Market offer a range of services and these include delivery or pickup. We can cut all steel and metal to your sizing.

Gates and roofing are made to order.

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Newcastle’s Specialists in Custom Sheet Metal Services

Cardiff Metal Market is a distinguished and comprehensive metal service provider in Newcastle, offering premium products and specialised solutions to deliver the best results for local builders and contractors. Founded in 1995, our business is built on a commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and customer satisfaction, which shines through in our custom metal cutting and bending services. From roof sheet rolling to fence panel folding, we offer complete solutions to streamline construction and support our clients. Discover our sheet metal services and how we can make a positive difference to your next project.

Our Services

Metal Rolling in Newcastle by Cardiff Metal Market

Precision Roofing Solutions

Our cutting-edge roof rolling machine allows us to make all roofing to order. We produce intricate designs with high-strength roofing tailored to specific project requirements, which enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of construction projects. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial roofing, we have the materials and machinery to make it happen.

Metal Rolling in Newcastle by Cardiff Metal Market

Artful Metal Folding

We also have state-of-the-art metal folding machinery to fold your metal to size. Advanced features allow us to fold metal with remarkable precision, so we can deliver versatile custom designs that elevate the visual appeal of metal construction components. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and bring the desired design to life.

Metal Cutting Service in Newcastle by Cardiff Metal Market

Versatility in Metal Cutting

As a renowned metal supplier in Newcastle, Cardiff Metal Market is recognised for our expertise in metal cutting, ensuring high-quality products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of different projects. We can cut all types of metal and steel to precise sizes, with easy pickup and flexible delivery options for the best custom metal cutting and bending solutions.

Metal Folding Services in Newcastle

Customised Fencing Solutions

Our industry-leading fencing machines enable swift and customised fence panel folding solutions to fulfil specific project requirements. There are many benefits to these bespoke fencing solutions, including durability, security and aesthetic integration with diverse projects. You can expect the most precise portable fence panel cutting with our knowledgeable team.

Newcastle Welding Services by Cardiff Metal Market

Expert Welding Craftsmanship

We offer welding services for all types of steel, with a proficient team who can handle any task with the precision and professionalism you deserve. With decades of experience providing expert welding solutions, we are proficient in the latest welding technology and techniques. Our skilled welding ensures structural integrity and longevity in metal components.

Metal Delivery Services in Newcastle

Seamless Delivery Excellence

Cardiff Metal Market stands out for our reliable delivery services, as we are dedicated to delivering products directly to the customer's door, be it at home or the project site. Enjoy an affordable and hassle-free experience with convenient pickup and delivery options so you can keep your project moving forward.

Enquire About Sheet Metal Services in Newcastle

Cardiff Metal Market is a go-to destination for Newcastle locals seeking not only top-quality metal products but also tailored and expert services, including roof sheet rolling and portable fence panel cutting. We can cut all steel and metal to your sizing, with gates and roofing made to order. Get in touch with our friendly team to see what services we can help you with, including delivery or pickup.