Get the finishing touches for your project by looking at our range of paints, fasteners and brackets.

We now stock standard and rapid set concrete mix.

Premium Paint and Hardware Accessories in Newcastle

Need paint and hardware accessories? Find what you’re looking for at Cardiff Metal Market in Newcastle. Known for our personalised quoting process and commitment to sustainability, our local business offers a versatile range of building supplies for contractors and the general public alike. Explore our wide range of affordable metal accessories, including speciality fasteners and building materials kits.

Structural Support Brackets for Every Need

Cardiff Metal Market is the foremost supplier of quality metal accessories in Newcastle, catering to the diverse needs of contractors and homeowners. We are proud to provide a one-stop solution for construction projects, with an array of brackets including Purlin roofing brackets and Post inner locator/support brackets. We also stock Shark fins for added architectural flair, Base plates for foundational strength, and specialised brackets such as Gutter, Facia and L brackets. These versatile brackets deliver reliable structural support for various construction applications.

Advanced Concrete Solutions

As an industry leader, Cardiff Metal Market offers versatile and practical solutions for concrete projects around the home or garden. Our building materials kits include concrete offerings such as the Rapid Set Concrete Mix (20kg) specially formulated to harden rapidly for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and other non-structural uses.  We also offer the versatile Standard Set Concrete Mix (20kg) for use around garden edges, mower strips, paths, garden slabs, foundations, footings, posts and uprights for pergolas.

Protective Coating and Finishing Touches

Cardiff Metal Market’s paint and hardware accessories help you put the final touches on residential and commercial projects. Anchor Bond Touch-Up Paint is a top pick, designed to seamlessly match fencing and roofing colours. It’s ideal for concealing scratches and enhancing the project’s aesthetic appeal.

We also recommend Cold Galvanising Zinc with its impressive protective attributes, boasting 98.5% purity to effectively shield steel components against rust and corrosion for prolonged durability. If you have any questions about these products or other metal accessories, our experienced team would be happy to assist.

Reliable Fasteners for Seamless Construction

The friendly experts at Cardiff Metal Market cut steel and metal to the required size and also offer high-strength fasteners to lock everything in place. Our extensive range includes Tek screws, wall fasteners and sleeve anchors, specifically curated for fencing and roofing projects. You can count on the reliability and durability of these fasteners to ensure secure and long-lasting construction. As Newcastle’s go-to destination for premium construction accessories, we stand by the high quality of our fasteners and structural support brackets.

Buy Specialty Fasteners and Metal Accessories in Newcastle

We are here to help when you want versatile metal accessories at great prices, backed by quality assurance and quick delivery. As Newcastle’s top source of speciality fasteners and building materials kits, we bring you Australia’s best building accessories for metalwork across residential and commercial projects. Stop by our store or contact Cardiff Metal Market today to get a personalised quote.